Cooking Tips for Those Living in a Student Rental

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A bit of planning and self-control go a long way toward becoming a savvy shopper, allowing you to have more funds left over at the end of the month to spend on other essential things, such as your student rental. Writing out and planning a grocery list for the week is essential, so you can get everything you need without going over the budget you have set out. When you get to the grocery store, make sure you only buy what’s on the list and nothing else. Don’t be tempted to buy items on impulse just because they catch your eye.

To help you save those precious funds to pay for things, like your student housing, it’s a good idea to make a list of your non-perishable supplies, such as tinned foods, dried foods and any items that can be kept in the freezer for a while, and then work out roughly how much they will cost you. Once you have budgeted for these, work out an amount on top of this that you can afford to spend each week on fresh fruit and veg, and other perishable goods such as milk and bread. It’s cheaper if you buy larger packs of items such as cheese, yoghurt, pasta and rice, as well as packs of canned food, such as baked beans and chopped tomatoes (rather than buying individual cans). To help you keep within your budget, plan what meals you’ll have in advance. This way you’ll know how much of each item you need to buy, and won’t end up throwing food away.

Another way to save money is to do your cooking in bulk, which involves taking the leftovers of a larger meal, then putting it in the freezer until needed. Don’t always assume that all you must do is double the amount of ingredients, particularly herbs, spices and other seasonings, otherwise your dish may not taste very pleasant! It’s better to bulk cook several dishes to give you some variety over the course of the week. For example, you could alternate between shepherd’s pie and lasagna. Other dishes good for cooking in bulk include:

• Casseroles
• Curries
• Pastas
• Soup
• Chicken and Rice
• Veggies
• Salad Kits

If you plan on doing some bulk cooking, be sure you have enough ingredients in stock, as the dish will require larger amounts than for your normal, individual serving. Don’t forget to stock up on some freezer bags/containers, aluminum foil and foil trays to store all your food as individual portions.
At the School House Barrie student rentals, each townhouse is equipped with a kitchen with all new appliances, making cooking any meals effortless. View our 3D tour for an example of our new and affordable student housing!


The area around Georgian college residence, and Barrie student housing has many options. Check out Google maps to locate grocery stores near your student housing, a lot of them have student discounts on certain week days!

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