Packing for Your Student Rental

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Moving away to your student rental is an exciting, but daunting process. There’s so much to plan and wrap your head around, which can be especially stressful if you’re flying the nest for the first time. However, with some careful research and preparation, packing for college, making the big move doesn’t have to be a nerve wracking process. All you need are some organizational skills and few pro tips and your journey to college will be the fun and enjoyable experience it should be. Here are the top 5 tips for packing for your student rental:

1. Make A Checklist

The biggest concern when packing for college is trying to figure out which items are necessities and which can be left behind. And, of course, there’s always the worry that you’ll somehow forget an essential item which you absolutely need when you get there.
To ensure that nothing is forgotten about, create a detailed checklist which includes everything from important documents and electrical items to clothing and sentimental belongings. There are many ‘what to take to college’ checklists online which will provide you with an excellent starting point.

2. Research Your University Accommodation

When moving to college, your luggage space will be precious. This is especially true if you’re travelling by plane, where baggage allowances are usually strict and limited. To avoid wasting space in your luggage, do some investigating with your student rental. Find out which items will already be provided, to avoid packing any duplicates or anything unnecessary.
You’ll usually find that your student rental will have its own kitchen appliances and all necessary furniture, such as a desk and a chair. At the School House Barrie website, pictures and video tours are provided for all the rooms of your student rental. This will let you see how much wardrobe space there will be and, if you’re bringing something large or oddly shaped, this will give you an idea of how the item will fit.

3. Can I Buy It When I Get There?

A great rule when packing for college is to sort through your belongings and ask yourself if you can easily and expensively repurchase the item when you get there. This will probably be true in the case of toiletries like shampoo and shower gel which are heavy and take up a lot of luggage space, but can easily be bought in a local shop or supermarket when you arrive at college.

4. Transport Your Luggage

When your bags are packed and ready, then comes the question of how to transport it all. There are various ways to get your luggage to college. If you live close by, within driving distance, you might be able to pack it up in your car. However, if you’re travelling by bus, train or even plane, taking an excessive amount of luggage with you as you travel can be inconvenient and expensive – especially when flying, where excess baggage can cost around $50! For that reason, it might make more sense to use a low-cost shipping service or a cheap courier to transport your baggage. To find the right provider, simple search for ‘student shipping’. If you choose this option, be sure that the shipper uses reputable couriers, and ask for tracking details so that you can monitor your shipment every step of the way. Also, be mindful of delivery times – the last thing you want is to be waiting around for days or even weeks for your things to arrive at your student housing rental.

5. Consider Your Luggage Packaging

Once you’ve figured out how you’re going to transport all your luggage, you’ll have to think about packaging. If you’re transporting all your college baggage with a courier or student shipping service, your items will need to be sent in strong suitcases or cardboard boxes, to withstand any potential rough and tumble in transit. Also, be wary of how your packaging will be stored when you arrive at your rental. Remember that you’ll need to send it all back at the end of term, so you’ll need to keep any suitcases or boxes in your room for around nine months. For that reason, it makes sense to pack your belongings in strong cardboard boxes that could be easily folded up and placed under your bed until you need them again.

If you need any information about the size of rooms, and the amount of storage space available in our student rentals at student housing Barrie , it is available on our website either in our video tour or our pictures. You can also book a tour with us today to get a better feel for our Barrie student housing rentals!

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