Security Tips for Your Student Rental in Barrie

student rental in barrie

Students are amongst the most vulnerable groups when it comes to burglary. Although students aren’t in charge of their home security systems, there are simple steps you can take to keep yourself and your things safe while living in your student rental in Barrie.

Around one third of students will be the victim of a crime during their time at college; 22% of those have been burglaries. Students are considered a soft target. They tend to be lax on home security, live in economically deprived parts of town and, as they live in large numbers, and are likely to own many laptops and smartphones. Student rentals in Barrie are also empty at very specific set times, specifically Christmas and Easter holidays. In fact, during Christmas 70% of student living complexes are empty. Burglars know this. Fortunately, there are steps you can and should take to keep your things safe during your time at college.

Use your burglar alarms if you have access to them. If you are in control of buying your burglar alarms, make sure you buy high quality systems from a reputable security company. Ensuring this is in place could be one way for security-conscious students to gain complete peace of mind. According to the Home Office, the presence of alarms will deter 84% of burglars. However, you must ensure it is turned on. Less than half of the people in student rentals in Barrie who have a burglar alarm use it. When picking your student home, you should ask about burglar alarms and, in an ideal world, choose a property that has one. However, if this isn’t possible make sure you have good, professionally installed, locks.

Students, many of whom are living away from home for the first time, are some of the worst culprits for leaving doors unlocked. It may sound simplistic, but sometimes the simplest things are the most effective. Good professional locks can be invaluable, locking your door can be even more so. Although some members of older generations nostalgically yearn for a time where you could leave your front door unlocked, that is certainly no longer the case. Students should make sure their doors are strong and secure with good, solid mortice locks. Look for these kinds of security features when you are choosing a property to rent and ask your landlord to upgrade them if you think they are a problem.

While living in your student rental in Barrie, you can rest assured that your home away from home will be safe. School House Barrie rentals are fitted with the newest, and safest security measures as they are a new build. Another benefit of choosing School House for your student rental in Barrie is that all the townhouses are in one block on one lot, making it easy for extra security measures to be taken, such as; lights in the parking lot, safety and security in numbers. Barrie is a relatively quiet city, with a lower crime rate, so these are only precautions that need to be taken on the very low chance that anything happens.

Although the steps above can help prevent students from being burgled, you can also make sure you have a safety net in the event of a crime. Unfortunately, many students don’t know what insurance they need and how to go about getting insured. As a student, you aren’t responsible for building insurance but you are responsible for your things. There is a possibility that you are already insured as some university halls do offer basic insurance. Likewise, it may be possible to be put on your parents’ contents insurance policy. Burglary levels are 39% lower now than in 1997 – that’s nearly 630,000 fewer break ins and attempted burglaries. But you cannot be complacent. If you remain vigilant, your time at college will be rewarding, fun and safe. You can book a visit School House Barrie to take a tour of our secure student rentals today!

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